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Criminal Expungements in Alabama

In the state of Alabama, people who have been convicted of certain crimes may have the opportunity to seek expungement of their criminal records. Expungement is a legal process that allows eligible individuals to have their criminal records erased or sealed, providing them with a fresh start.

Eligibility for Expungement in Alabama

Not all criminal offenses in Alabama are eligible for expungement. The Alabama Expungement Act, which was enacted in 2014, outlines the types of offenses that may be expunged. Generally, the following criteria must be met for an individual to be eligible for expungement:

  1. Misdemeanor Offenses: Most misdemeanor convictions can be expunged if the individual has no prior felony convictions.
  2. Nonviolent Felony Offenses: Certain nonviolent felony offenses can be expunged if the individual has no prior felony convictions and has completed all terms of their sentence, including probation or parole.
  3. Charges Dismissed or Not Guilty Verdicts: If an individual’s charges were dismissed, they were found not guilty, or the case was dismissed without prejudice, they may be eligible for
  4. Youthful Offenders: Individuals who were convicted of certain offenses as youthful offenders may be eligible for expungement if they meet specific criteria.

It’s important to note that certain offenses, such as violent crimes, sex offenses, and offenses involving the use of a deadly weapon, are generally not eligible for expungement in Alabama.

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Criminal expungements in Alabama provide individuals with a chance to overcome the negative consequences of past convictions and start afresh. At Kathryn Kyatt King can help walk you through the process to determine if you qualify for a criminal expungement and also help you to achieve an expungement of your record. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation about your case.

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