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I provide honest, accessible and aggressive criminal defense services to the residents of the Birmingham metropolitan area.

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About Kathryn Kyatt King

When I founded my law firm, Kathryn Kyatt King, Attorney at Law, I did so because I wanted the opportunity to work with my clients on a personal level. Today, thanks to having a solo practice, I can do just that.

Whether you need a tough criminal defense lawyer or an understanding family law attorney, you can turn to me. I will help you identify your definition of success as it relates to your unique legal problem, and I will work to help you reach your goal, remaining at your side, providing answers and support, until your legal issue reaches a resolution.

If you would like to discuss your need with me, you can do so by scheduling a free initial consultation at my office in Pelham. Call (205) 218-9337 or email me today to schedule your first meeting.

Are You Accused Of A Crime In Alabama?

Do you face a criminal charge? Are worries about your future and your freedom keeping you awake at night? If you answered yes to both questions, I can help alleviate your concerns by providing answers to the questions you have regarding your charge. In addition to providing the answers you need, I will thoroughly explain what you can expect from criminal proceedings based on your charge and the circumstances that led to your arrest.

Whether you face a misdemeanor charge for simple possession or your charge is for a more serious crime, I will work to build a defense strategy that fits your unique needs.

Yes, You Can Defend Yourself Against A DUI Charge

If you were stopped for drunk driving in Alabama, whether for the first time or the fifth, you can benefit from the help of a DUI defense attorney. As your defense lawyer, I will be at your side from the beginning until the conclusion of your case, from your administrative hearing until your trial date, fighting to protect your right to drive, your freedom and your financial security.